A Bridge between Technology Companies and The Work Force​

A Bridge between Technology Companies and The Work Force​

Wealth Generation and Employment Creation

India is a young country in need of 21st-century skills

India has a great demographic advantage, a young population, eager to learn and connected with the world. The world is quickly evolving and rapid digitisation is making knowledge of math, programming, ML/AI and good communication more and more powerful ‘arrows’ to have in a “21st-century” worker’s quiver.  Our educational institutes are not always able to deliver to all students on this front.

Knowledge and technology-driven economy are the future

In this new rapidly changing world that is ever more connected and impacted by what happens anywhere, companies also require manpower that can use these skills. The demand is extremely high and only a handful of companies are able to set up the right processes to hire, onboard, productively use and retain the right talent.

The bridge across the great tech divide

We believe there is a great entrepreneurial opportunity to bridge this gap in a unique and innovative manner.

Tech-i-bridge model

The model is to go beyond conventional training and simple recruitment models – we take responsibility for young talent allowing them to learn, work and excel for a period of 1 to 2 years in a real professional environment to become truly productive knowledge workers.

We work on both sides of the “divide” – training freshers but also working with companies to improve processes and implement tools that allow existing teams to increase productivity and gainfully onboard and employ freshers. 

We’ve had great success with this model in the Indian startup ecosystem.

We are using innovative processes based on decades of experience in multiple industries including technology and tools based on Deep ML models. We are leveraging a strong ecosystem where we have easy availability of computing power (laptops, phones and cheap cloud resources), great connectivity across the country, powerful AI models and easy access to great content. 

Nasscom Strategic Report

The report says that we are on track to reach $500 billion in revenue from the tech industry by 2030. India after Covid and Ukraine crises is driving the growth engine of the world economy. India had 1300+ startups in 2022 with 23 new unicorns. This number will continue to grow.

We are building partnerships with training institutes, and colleges and building in-house training capacity to target 1000+/month highly employable youth with a balanced gender ratio in the next 2 years. We believe we can scale this 5-10 times in 5 years.

We are building partnerships with startups, technology and cloud infrastructure companies especially those focused on Data Engineering, and DevOps. The right partnerships will allow us to have the ability to deploy our workforce effectively and quickly.

Employment at scale

If the model is successful we will be able to create a bridge that will allow lakhs of young people to learn, train and deliver value for companies across the globe and become part of a high-value generating technical/knowledge workforce.

Open for global scale

Our processes/tools will be open and replicable for others to use and implement as they see fit. We will use our expertise to consult/train and provide SaaS models for whoever wants and needs support or ready-made solutions.

A Bridge between Technology Companies and The Work Force​


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